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Results From Meridian (Now Velocity Clinical Research) Studies Featured in Prestigious Publications and Academic Presentations

August 16, 2018

Results from clinical trials performed at Meridian Clinical Research (now Velocity Clinical Research) sites in Norfolk, NE, Omaha, NE, and Savannah, GA, were recently published in two prestigious medical journals. Brandon Essink, MD, CPI, co-authored an article published in Vaccine. Dr. Essink led a study … Read more

Brandon Essink, MD, CPI, Co-Authors Article Published in the Journal, Vaccine

August 6, 2018

Brandon Essink, MD, CPI, co-authored an article recently published in the prestigious journal, Vaccine. A successful meningococcal disease vaccine trial led to this publication, which you can read now at: Title: Breadth of Coverage Against a Panel of 110 Invasive Disease Isolates, Immunogenicity … Read more

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