Scale for a Purpose

A staggering 80% of clinical trials are delayed or shut down due to enrollment challenges, with half of those delays occurring at the site level. Two-thirds of principal investigators leave research after conducting a single trial. It’s time for a change.

Community Engagement

To bring equitable products to market, clinical trials need proportionate representation. Reaching the right patients must be prioritized at the site level, where clinical research is most visible in communities. Therefore, Velocity is heavily invested in leveraging the power of local influence to drive change. Our focus is on managing what we can effectively control at the site level to foster a more inclusive and representative clinical trial landscape.

Achieving Strategic Alignment

'Strategic alignment’ is a concept that seldom carries significant weight, as few are ready to invest the necessary resources and efforts to realize it. Working closely with you, Velocity will develop a detailed proposal that reflects your definition of success. This can include precise enrollment forecasting, performance-based contracting, and collaborative KPI/KQI governance.

VISION: AI-Enabled Data and Technology

Velocity's VISION is unlocking a new era in clinical trial efficiency. Combined with Velocity’s expansive site, patient, and historical performance data, VISION is radically improving recruitment, site productivity, and patient experiences.

Environmental Sustainability

By helping you enroll more patients at fewer sites, Velocity not only helps streamline your clinical trials, but also significantly reduces their environmental impact. Our advanced technological solutions, such as digital patient forms and payments, further augment this efficiency. Moreover, Velocity’s integrated operations enable you to streamline site identification, contracting, and logistical processes to reduce waste and labor hours.

Principal Investigator Engagement

Velocity developed the innovative Principal Investigator Onboarding and Training (PIVOT) Program to address the pressing issue of "one-and-done" PIs in clinical research. This strategic initiative equips new PIs with comprehensive knowledge, tools, infrastructure, and mentorship opportunities.

Global Laboratory Capabilities

As part of our integrated site infrastructure, Velocity has established specialized laboratory and diagnostic capabilities. This includes purpose-built, CLIA-certified lab facilities at all dedicated sites, as well as in-network PBMC processing at 30+ Velocity locations across the U.S. and Europe. Many Velocity sites also leverage their diagnostic equipment and trained staff to enhance community engagement through free health screening events.

Careers: Join a Remarkable Team Doing Remarkable Work

Velocity careers offer competitive pay and benefits, and reward high performance with excellent opportunities. Whether you're an industry veteran or are looking to take your first step into clinical research, we invite you to apply at Velocity.

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