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Delivering unparalleled reach and expertise for diabetes and obesity trials worldwide

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Velocity has conducted trials that have led to 20+ product approvals for diabetes, obesity, and dyslipidemia

The Velocity Diabetes and Obesity Council to Accelerate Research Excellence (CARE) develops best practices to guide recruitment, screening, trial conduct, and retention strategies for all Velocity sites. This council is led by experts with extensive research and medical practice experience, along with veteran operational leaders.

Given the high prevalence of obesity (40%+) and diabetes (11%+) among U.S. adults, these diseases represent a growing therapeutic need, particularly as children become increasingly affected by these diseases. While afflicted populations are large, the diversity of concurrent therapies and lifestyle considerations can quickly complicate clinical trial design, screening, and enrollment.

Reach and capabilities

  • 10+ sites with extensive diabetes and obesity capabilities
  • On-site dietitians at key sites
  • Access to millions of patient lives
  • World-class diversity and community engagement initiatives
  • Expertise in diabetes-related device research, including continuous glucose monitoring

Diabetes and Obesity CARE Council Leader

Velocity's Diabetes and Obesity CARE Council is led by distinguished physician, Julio Rosenstock, MD, FACE. The council leverages his vast experience in diabetes and metabolism-related research, alongside Velocity sites and staff that have supported thousands of trials and offer access to millions of patient lives.


Julio Rosenstock, MD, FACE

An internationally known opinion leader in type 2 diabetes, Dr. Rosenstock is Senior Scientific Advisor for Velocity, Director of Velocity’s site at Medical City Dallas, and Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas. Dr. Rosenstock has long focused on exploring novel agents and therapeutic strategies for glycemic control, and particularly early combination therapies for type 2 diabetes.

Over the last 30 years, he has participated in hundreds of clinical trials and has had an active role in the development of new oral agents, incretin-related therapies, and insulin preparations, often acting as a lead clinical investigator and scientific advisor on the design and reporting of clinical trials on novel diabetes drugs. Dr. Rosenstock has been the author or co-author of 375 peer-reviewed manuscripts (h-index 123) and hundreds of scientific abstracts. He is considered a key opinion leader in type 2 diabetes.

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A transformative model to confront the inefficiencies that plague clinical trials

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of U.S. trials fail to meet enrollment timelines
of sites miss enrollment targets
daily operational losses for Sponsors for delayed trials
potential daily opportunity cost losses for delayed trials

In the News

Julio Rosenstock, MD, FACE, presents promising data on oral semaglutide’s effect on HbA1c for adults with prediabetes

Julio Rosenstock, MD, FACE, Presents Promising Data on Oral Semaglutide’s Effect on HbA1c for Adults with Prediabetes

Julio Rosenstock, MD, FACE, Principal Investigator at Velocity and the leader of the Diabetes and Obesity CARE Council, unveiled data suggesting a potential breakthrough for adults with prediabetes. When administered oral semaglutide, trial participants achieved normoglycemia at 68 weeks. Dr. Rosenstock commented, “Those people who participated in the OASIS 1 trial with prediabetes who received oral semaglutide experienced more HbA1c normalization and none progressed to type 2 diabetes.” Furthermore, the same group of adults with prediabetes lost an impressive 14.4% … Read more

Daily Oral GLP-1 Receptor Agonist Orforglipron for Adults with Obesity

Julio Rosenstock, MD Co-Authored an Article Published in NEJM

Another positive step in obesity research: Julio Rosenstock, MD, is a co-author of an article now featured on The New England Journal of Medicine homepage, and in the publication’s weekend email briefing. From the article, Daily Oral GLP-1 Receptor Agonist Orforglipron for Adults with Obesity: “At week 26, the mean change from baseline in body weight ranged from −8.6% to −12.6% across the orforglipron dose cohorts and was −2.0% in the placebo group. At week 36, the mean change ranged … Read more

Julio Rosenstock, MD: Work on World’s First Once-Weekly Basal Insulin Featured on the New England Journal of Medicine Homepage

Julio Rosenstock, MD, has his work spotlighted as the feature article on the New England Journal of Medicine’s homepage. Serving as the lead investigator for Novo Nordisk’s ONWARDS 1 program, Dr. Rosenstock has made remarkable strides in exploring what could be the world’s first once-weekly basal insulin. “In ONWARDS 1, insulin icodec allowed people to spend significantly more Time in Range, with comparable Time below Range vs. once-daily basal insulin glargine U100,” said Dr. Rosenstock. “A once-weekly basal insulin has … Read more

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