Global Laboratory Network

In response to the growing complexity of clinical trials and in collaboration with leading Sponsors and CROs, Velocity has built a network of in-house laboratory capabilities across the U.S. and Europe.

Keep everything “in-network”

Minimize handoff and transit issues while strengthening sample chain of custody

Improve laboratory handling

Routine accreditations, class-leading technology, and SOPs ensure highest quality

Access PBMC capabilities

100% in-network peripheral blood mononuclear cell (PBMC) collection, processing, and analysis

Reinforce safe storage

Long term LN2 storage, refrigeration, freezing, controlled access, etc.

Delivering local laboratory solutions, including PBMC, across all Velocity locations

Developed to meet client needs, these labs are now a pivotal part of our integrated clinical trial infrastructure. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and expert staff, our laboratories offer advanced sample processing and the latest PBMC protocols, ensuring unmatched efficiency, speed, and data accuracy for trials worldwide.

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Laboratory Capabilities

  • Purpose-built, CLIA-certified laboratory facilities at all sites
  • Comprehensive sample processing: blood, urine, swab, stool, and saliva (e.g., Ficoll-Hypaque, Vacutainer® CPT™)
  • Best-in-class SmartSense by Digi continuous temperature monitoring platform across global network; ambient, refrigerated, and frozen sample handling (including -80°C and liquid nitrogen storage)
  • Free same-day health screening and diagnostics: Glucose, HbA1C, lipid panel, BMI, FibroScan®, cognitive assessment
  • All sites offer same-day sample collection and shipping

Specialized Services

  • 100% in-network peripheral blood mononuclear cell (PBMC) collection, processing, and analysis for 30+ locations across the U.S. and Europe (≥95% viability, 0.8 -3.2 cell/mL yield)
  • Established PBMC SOPs and customizable PBMC handling to Sponsor protocols
  • All sites Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) certified for GMO handling, including gene therapy
  • Experience with specialty processing of TruCulture, Transcriptomics, sputum and serial pharmacokinetic (PK)
  • On-site liver biopsies

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Whether you’re ready to conduct a specialized early phase study or a complex, high-volume clinical trial including PK/PD readout, trust Velocity to deliver the right investigators, clinical staff, and patients.


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