Environmental Governance

As Velocity seeks to improve lives by accelerating the development of new therapies, we can also build a healthier tomorrow by conducting trials in an environmentally sustainable way.

Good for Business, Great for the Planet

Velocity's commitment to sustainable trial conduct is not just a responsible choice, but a practical business decision that can help our clients and partners achieve operational excellence.

By helping you enroll more patients at fewer sites, Velocity not only helps streamline your clinical trials, but also significantly reduces their environmental impact.

Our advanced technological solutions, such as digital patient forms and payments, further augment this efficiency. Moreover, Velocity’s integrated operations enable you to streamline site identification, contracting, and logistical processes to reduce waste and labor hours.

Cost: Fewer sites, more patients

  • Accurate site enrollment forecasting (no need for overages)
  • Limited IP distribution and storage requirements
  • Fewer SIVs; remote/video PSV capabilities; reduced monitor travel

Speed: Fully integrated Velocity sites

  • No feasibility, site ID and simplified study start up
  • On-site labs and processing
  • Single contract and significantly reduced admin

Efficiency: Reduced waste

  • Fewer lab kits, less supplies/consumables needed
  • Reduction in training requirements and associated travel
  • Less study materials, fewer consumables

Technology: Efficient recruitment

  • Advanced profiling: Fewer in-person screen failures
  • Highly engaged local populations
  • Digitized forms and patient payments

Current Sustainability Initiatives

Renewable Energy Sourcing

First site provider certified in 2023

Green Energy Equipment

Replacing inefficient equipment as needed and with new purchases

Carbon Footprint Assessments

Routine third-party assessments underway

GreenSmart Program

~1,000 lbs. of gloves recycled in 2023

Water Coolers

Reducing the need for bottled water across all sites

Self-Dimming Lights and LED Bulbs

Implemented in new and renovated sites

Sustainable Supply Chain

Implementing eco-friendly procurement policies for clinical trial materials

Employee Education

Fostering a culture of sustainability within our workforce through training and awareness programs

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