Velocity Provides Greater Certainty for Clinical Trials

Sponsors and contract research organizations (CROs) worldwide partner with Velocity to support drug, medical device, diagnostic, and combination product research programs.

Research sites across the U.S. and Europe
Investigators with diverse experience
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Clinical trials conducted since 1986
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Patients enrolled in studies worldwide

Whether you’re ready to conduct a single-site study or a complex, high-volume clinical trial, trust Velocity to deliver the right investigators, clinical staff, and patients.

Structured for the new era of human health research

Led by experts with extensive Sponsor/CRO experience, Velocity is built to deliver high quality, predictability, and unprecedented efficiency, even for the most complex clinical trials.

Keep reading to learn how Velocity's unique model ensures operational excellence for every trial.

Full Alignment

Integrated site operations

Fast and effortless site selection and contracting processes for you

Fast Activation

Streamlined start-up processes

Centralized study initiation activities and digitized source, regulatory, and records management

Reliable Enrollment

World-class patient engagement

Dedicated teams drive industry-leading enrollment and retention programs

High Quality

In-house quality and data management

Intensive monitoring and quality oversight programs supported by a unified technology system

Full Alignment

Fully integrated operations to support rapid site selection

Above all, Velocity is structured to increase the quality and efficiency of clinical trials. Before trials even begin, Velocity focuses on helping you expedite your site selection process by providing fast, accurate responses to questionnaires.

Your trial management team can expect the same advantages downstream — centralized communication, consistent site processes, and industry-leading oversight.

Many of Velocity's leaders and investigators are also sought after to assist with protocol design, providing insight to reinforce the viability of research programs. Their expertise, paired with Velocity's centralized model, facilitates more efficient and predictable trial performance.

  • 48-hour turnaround for contract/budget responses
  • One contract for all Velocity sites in your study
  • One point of contact ensures seamless communication
  • Simplified site assessment across 90 sites, 220+ investigators
  • Tech-enabled enrollment forecasting based on your protocol, not the indication

Fast Activation

Standardized processes to drive streamlined start-up

Velocity goes well beyond the traditional site network or site management organization (SMO) model. By applying a systematic approach to the way sites are built and overseen, Velocity can quickly initiate studies while ensuring operational excellence, even for the most complex trials. For example, with digitized source, regulatory, and records management, Velocity can quickly start, scale, and optimize your study operations as needed.

Beyond accommodating the soft infrastructure required to support your study, Velocity can also integrate new or unique technologies or treatment approaches to run specialized, decentralized, and/or hybrid trials.

  • ≤30 days from study award to site initiation visit
  • PBMC processing capabilities and on-site labs for some sites
  • Integrated tech for payment/stipends, eReg, EMR/HER, same-day collection/shipping
  • Study start-up training meetings with site staff
  • Clinical data specialist assigned to every study
  • Alignment with your central IRB or central laboratory

Reliable Enrollment

World-class patient engagement and retention solutions

Velocity is built to accurately forecast and meet enrollment and retention targets, particularly for high-volume and hard-to-recruit research programs. With an industry-leading technology team and fully-owned Patient Engagement and Recruitment Centers, Velocity is constantly improving recruitment, screening, consenting, retention, and follow-up processes for clients and participants alike.

Every Velocity site is also supported by full-time recruitment specialists to drive local outreach. Sites are located in demographically diverse areas to support proportionate representation in clinical trials.

  • Access to proprietary, physician, and practice databases
  • Immediate enrollment support upon study start
  • Intensive community outreach and diversity initiatives
  • In-house advertising solutions that outperform central campaigns
  • Participant adherence and retention programs
  • Specialty care sites provide access to niche populations, procedures, and facilities
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High Quality

Uncompromising quality and accurate data delivery

Velocity has created a unique, industry-leading quality oversight model. All Velocity sites and studies are supported by in-house clinical data, quality assurance, regulatory, and risk management teams.

These veteran teams work directly with site staff, serving as a resource to help identify — and leverage — areas for continuous improvement. The teams support all aspects of QA/QC processes to ensure adherence to all applicable FDA regulations, ICH GCP Guidance, state guidelines, industry standards, and Velocity's own stringent SOPs.

  • 48-hour data entry target; query resolution within 48 hours of generation
  • Routine and random QA reviews; EDC and source cross-checks
  • Commitment to routine investigator and site staff training
  • CLIA-certified labs, IATA-certified staff, GCP-trained physicians and staff

Therapeutic and Specialty Population Expertise

Experienced Investigators, Specialists, and Research Staff

Therapeutic expertise

Specialty populations

Specialized trial support

  • Biosimilars
  • Combination products
  • Devices
  • Decentralized
  • Diagnostics
  • Hospital
  • Interventional
  • Observational
  • Overnight

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