Principal Investigators

About half of Principal Investigators (PIs) conduct only a single study in their career. This high turnover rate results in significant inefficiencies for Sponsors and CROs, particularly when it comes to finding reliable PIs capable of delivering high-quality trial conduct and enrollment in specialized research areas.

The Principal Investigator Onboarding and Training (PIVOT) Program

Velocity developed the innovative Principal Investigator Onboarding and Training (PIVOT) Program to address the pressing issue of "one-and-done" PIs in clinical research. This strategic initiative equips new PIs with comprehensive knowledge, tools, infrastructure, and mentorship opportunities.

The PIVOT Program:

  • Elevates PI engagement, performance, and retention through a novel curriculum
  • Combines industry leading training content, hands-on experiences, and mentorship
  • Specific training tracks for full-time PIs and specialist PIs with embedded operations
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Digital Learning

A dynamic array of interactive modules for self-paced learning, including an in-depth exploration of Velocity’s industry-leading SOPs.

Responsibilities, ethics, Good Clinical Practice, CTMS, eReg systems, content from the Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP), Advarra, and other trusted partners.


Deep dives into hands-on experiences to enhance practical skills and develop real-world problem solving.

PI shadowing, regulatory compliance, supporting monitors, enrollment strategies, laboratory processes, IP management, and comprehensive site and trial oversight training

1-on-1 Mentoring

Weekly mentoring sessions with seasoned Velocity investigators, including world-renowned researchers.

Personalized feedback, coaching, ongoing support to navigate challenges effectively

Leadership Review

Regular strategic progress reviews and insight sharing sessions foster continuous growth and development.

Performance assessment, goals and expectations review, alignment with Velocity’s culture and values

Continuing education

Beyond onboarding, Velocity ensures PIs have access to leading resources and continued mentorship, as well as periodic training to ensure PIs remain up to date with the latest developments in clinical research. Velocity also invests in PI development, encouraging them to attend and present at conferences, connect with other Velocity investigators, and build stronger relationships within the broader clinical research industry.

The PIVOT Program is more than an onboarding regimen; it’s an investment in the future of clinical research. By fostering the early success and continuing education of PIs, Velocity is improving retention, ensuring PIs can embark on their clinical research journey confidently and remain active, highly effective contributors to clinical development programs for the long term.

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Therapeutic and Specialty Population Expertise

Experienced Investigators, Specialists, and Research Staff

Therapeutic expertise

Specialty populations

Specialized trial support

  • Biosimilars
  • Combination products
  • Devices
  • Decentralized
  • Diagnostics
  • Hospital
  • Interventional
  • Observational
  • Overnight

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