Velocity's VISION platform is a smart, trusted, and secure platform that empowers greater patient centricity. Even for hybrid and fully decentralized trials, VISION streamlines site activities, improves patient engagement through analytics, and analyzes clinical data by applying AI algorithms.

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Leveraging data, AI, and real world experience

Velocity is committed to improving clinical research by investing in the development of new technologies that can radically improve site productivity and the patient experience.

With a fully owned technology hub in Hyderabad, India, Velocity is building cutting-edge patient-facing applications to ease the burden of participating in clinical trials while also increasing access to data.

We look forward to bringing you the tools that will unlock the next generation of research conduct.


The AI-driven platform unlocking a new era in clinical research

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Through our revolutionary new technology platform, VISION, we enable sites to conduct a higher caliber of research in less time, with more data, and with better patient retention support.

Digitizing sites for decentralization

VISION enables sites to perform remote, at-home, and in-clinic visits through easily portable devices. Using our platform, sites can continue to deliver their critical value by extending their reach outside of their physical location.

Improving patient adherence through analytics

The platform guides the patient through their daily trial routine to increase their trial adherence. The powerful AI generates early actionable insights for the sites and Sponsors to intervene and engage the patients if adherence is inadequate.

Boosting data security through biometrics

Our multi-layered security design leaves zero vulnerability to compromise the data security within the app. Through biometric authentication, data encryption, and secured communications we ensure the highest level of data security.

Advancing the flexibility of clinical workflows

Though our default workflows were designed with clinician expertise, all workflows within the platform can be tailored to the Sponsor and study as needed.

Integrating with EDC, CTMS, and IVRS

VISION was designed with the existing clinical technologies in mind to be instantly interoperable with our ODM and CDISC compatible solutions.

Prioritizing patient convenience

Every user interaction is designed with patient convenience at its core. With ease of use and convenience, patient adherence and study satisfaction improve.

Remaining trustworthy via a blockchain platform

All clinical data is backed up on a blockchain platform that delivers data immutability and controlled access. All integrations are done through blockchain to reinforce trust and auditability.

Utilizing edge technologies for automation

Our custom AI capabilities of voice, image, computer vision, and optical character recognition (OCR) improve the quality and efficiencies of visit conduct and patient-clinician communications in real-time.

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Velocity careers offer competitive pay and benefits, and reward high performance with excellent opportunities.

Whether you're an industry veteran or are looking to take your first step into clinical research, we invite you to apply at Velocity.

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