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AI-Enabled Data and Technology

Velocity's VISION is unlocking a new era in clinical trial efficiency. Combined with Velocity’s expansive site, patient, and historical performance data, VISION is radically improving recruitment, site productivity, and patient experiences.

Leveraging data, AI, and real world experience

Despite a boom in tech funding and monumental advancements in AI/ML and in silico models, tech advancements have not yet translated into marked efficiency improvements at clinical research sites. Most clinical trials still fail to meet enrollment timelines, with most delays occurring at the site level. To gain efficiency, technology must enhance clinical trials at their most critical point — closest to patients, at the sites.

With a fully owned technology hub in Hyderabad, India, Velocity is building the first comprehensive technology platform built by sites, for sites.

Now and in the future, VISION is how Velocity will deliver accurate data, broader patient access, and operational excellence with unparalleled efficiency.

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Achieved first self-screened, self-scheduled patient in mid-2023

Randomized 1,900+ patients across 50+ studies

Continuously refining data on 1,000,000+ potential participants

VISION Recruit is doing the prescreening work of 20 full-time equivalent employees

One unified platform, two incredible products

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VISION Recruit delivers AI-driven patient/trial matching, automated outreach, and scheduling.

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VISION Engage is the mobile app empowering patients to self-screen, self-schedule, receive payments, and more.

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VISION Recruit is accelerating participant recruitment

VISION Recruit employs sophisticated algorithms to match potential participants with specific inclusion/exclusion criteria, while also considering trial diversity targets to enhance conversion rates. Potential participants are notified via email, text or in-app notifications and the tech leverages AI to numerically rank candidates based on their likelihood of eligibility for specific studies.

Advanced Patient Matching

Sophisticated algorithms match potential participants with specific inclusion/exclusion criteria, factoring in trial diversity targets to optimize conversion rates.

Targeted, Automated Outreach

When potential matches are identified, VISION Recruit sends personalized emails, text messages, or VISON Engage notifications to potential participants.

Intelligent Indexing

Leverages AI to numerically rank candidates based on their likelihood to be eligible for specific studies, enabling recruiters to focus their efforts more efficiently.

Audience Modeling and Lookalike Targeting

Analyzes trends from successfully enrolled participants to predict future trial enrollment and pinpoint participants with the highest probability of successful recruitment.

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VISION Engage makes clinical trials more accessible for all

VISION Engage has been downloaded by more than 50,000 people. The app enables users to upload health data, self-schedule appointments, and indicate their interest in certain therapeutic areas. The in-app prescreening feature uses simple questionnaires to assess eligibility, with a learning algorithm refining its evaluation over time. The app is also being developed to streamline study stipends with in-app payments, increasing patient satisfaction and reducing administrative burdens for site staff.

Effortless Study Payments

Fast, secure in-app payments, heightening participant satisfaction while reducing administrative tasks for site staff.

AI-Enabled Profiling

Users can easily create and manage their profile, allowing them to indicate their interests in specific conditions or studies.

In-App Prescreening

Simple questionnaires evaluate participant eligibility, while a learning algorithm refines its assessment over time.

Intuitive Self-Scheduling and Reminders

Eligible users can immediately book in-person screening appointments and receive customized reminders, keeping them engaged and informed.

With VISION, Velocity enables sites to conduct a higher caliber of research in less time, with more data, and better patient experiences.

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Digitizing sites for decentralization

VISION enables sites to perform remote, at-home, and in-clinic visits through easily portable devices. Using our platform, sites can continue to deliver their critical value by extending their reach outside of their physical location.

Improving patient adherence through analytics

The platform guides the patient through their daily trial routine to increase their trial adherence. The powerful AI generates early actionable insights for the sites and Sponsors to intervene and engage the patients if adherence is inadequate.

Boosting data security through biometrics

Our multi-layered security design leaves zero vulnerability to compromise the data security within the app. Through biometric authentication, data encryption, and secured communications we ensure the highest level of data security.

Advancing the flexibility of clinical workflows

Though our default workflows were designed with clinician expertise, all workflows within the platform can be tailored to the Sponsor and study as needed.

Integrating with EDC, CTMS, and IVRS

VISION was designed with the existing clinical technologies in mind to be instantly interoperable with our ODM and CDISC compatible solutions.

Prioritizing patient convenience

Every user interaction is designed with patient convenience at its core. With ease of use and convenience, patient adherence and study satisfaction improve.

Remaining trustworthy via a blockchain platform

All clinical data is backed up on a blockchain platform that delivers data immutability and controlled access. All integrations are done through blockchain to reinforce trust and auditability.

Utilizing edge technologies for automation

Our custom AI capabilities of voice, image, computer vision, and optical character recognition (OCR) improve the quality and efficiencies of visit conduct and patient-clinician communications in real-time.

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