Patient Recruitment and Retention

80% of U.S. clinical trials miss enrollment timelines. Recruitment delays pose a staggering loss of time, money, and opportunity to get products to the market faster.

Velocity is using its unique scale to enhance recruitment in radically new ways. From investing in one of the industry’s largest recruitment teams, to developing proprietary AI-driven software, this is recruitment and retention reimagined.

1,000,000+ database patients and accurate enrollment forecasting

Industry-leading central recruitment team, with on-site recruiters driving community engagement

Fully owned Patient Experience and Recruitment (PER) centers support personal, specialized screening at scale

Proprietary patient matching, screening, and scheduling technology

Reimagining Recruitment: The Patient Experience and Recruitment (PER) Model

Velocity created the Patient Experience and Recruitment (PER) model to meet the evolving needs of Sponsors and CROs. By ensuring full alignment with your clinical development strategy, the PER model increases enrollment performance and visibility across all Velocity sites.

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PER Leads: Project leaders dedicated to specific clients and studies

  • Recruitment planning and campaign budgeting
  • Site communication and plan execution
  • Continuous plan monitoring and improvement

PER Central: Oversees recruitment performance and patient centricity initiatives

  • Identify, select, and govern vendors and advocacy groups
  • Support development of patient engagement technology
  • Manage the Velocity Participant Advisory Committee

PER Centers: Fully owned and operated contact centers

  • High-volume and specialized pre-screening (supporting all studies)
  • Lead screening and scheduling (supporting all sites)
  • Patient database nurturing

PER Partners: Site-based staff who drive community engagement

  • Contribute to and execute project plans (with patients and providers)
  • Review medical records (per local partnerships and agreements)
  • Foster retention, repeat participation, and local relationships

World-class recruitment data and technology

Velocity is developing VISION, the first comprehensive technology platform built by sites, for sites. Combined with Velocity’s expansive site, patient, and historical performance data, VISION is radically improving patient recruitment.

Velocity VISION Recruit Logo

VISION Recruit delivers AI-driven patient/trial matching, automated outreach, and scheduling.

Velocity VISION Engage Logo

VISION Engage is the mobile app empowering patients to self-screen, self-schedule, receive payments, and more.

Diversity and inclusion

To bring equitable products to market, clinical trials need proportionate representation.

At Velocity, we believe diversity must be prioritized at the site level, where clinical research is most visible in communities. Sites act as the frontline of clinical research, making their role in representing, understanding, and engaging diverse communities vital.

Therefore, Velocity is heavily invested in leveraging the power of local influence to drive change. Our focus is on managing what we can effectively control at the site level to foster a more inclusive and representative clinical trial landscape.

Diversity Programs at Velocity

Removing Language Barriers: Employing bilingual staff, utilizing real-time translation services across all sites, and offering materials tailored for minority groups.

Making Sites Representative: Tools to analyze local demographics (census data) and ensure proportionate participant and employee representation. About half of Velocity’s workforce identifies as non-white.

Engaging Communities: Establishing partnerships with local groups, appointing community liaisons, and initiating charitable programs.

Focusing on Patients: 2023 SCRS Patient Centricity Award Winner for innovative programs.

Featured Case Study: Doubling the Average Participation Rate of Diverse Populations in Cognivue’s FOCUS Study

“I cannot overstate the value this diverse data capture brought to the FOCUS study. Participants in research trials should represent the patients who will use the medical device, and this is often not the case since people from racial and ethnic minorities and other diverse groups are generally underrepresented in clinical research, especially research related to neuroscience.” - Tom O’Neill, President and CEO, Cognivue

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