Luebeck, Germany

Velocity Clinical Research, Luebeck

Founded in 2008 as KLB Gesundheitsforschung and acquired by Velocity Clinical Research in 2024, the experienced team at Velocity’s dedicated research site in Lübeck conducts clinical trials across a broad variety of indications, and specializes in respiratory diseases. By developing strong working relationships with local communities and a robust patient database, Velocity’s Lübeck staff provides fast, accurate patient enrollment support, even for diverse populations.

Our Lübeck team is committed to being a resource for study volunteers, to providing the highest quality of patient care with compassion and kindness and to advancing medicine through research. With decades of research experience shared among our investigators in Lübeck, Velocity will deliver the right patients, investigators, and research staff for your next research program.

Velocity Clinical Research, Luebeck
Sandstraße 18, Lubeck, Germany 23552

Phone: 0049 (0)4517078300

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Our Vision

Improve lives by making clinical research accessible to all.

Our Mission

Improve the clinical research process to accelerate the delivery of new therapies and provide exceptional care to our community.

Our experienced research team in Luebeck

The Velocity Luebeck team of physician investigators and clinical research professionals are experienced clinical researchers. All physicians are board certified in their specialty area(s) and all research staff is trained in clinical research regulations, including GCP and HIPAA. Training records and certifications are maintained. Our clinical team is dedicated to conducting quality research in a professional and caring environment and strives on collecting quality data.

  • Andrea Ludwig

    Andrea Ludwig-Sengpiel, MD

    Principal Investigator, Site Director
    Prior to joining Velocity, Dr. Ludwig-Sengpiel served as the Managing Director of KLB Gesundheltsforschung Lübeck GmbH and has worked as an investigator for nearly 25 years. She has strong expertise in pulmonary indications, including asthma, COPD, sarcoidosis and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF). To date, Dr. Ludwig Sengpiel has personally conducted over 90 clinical trials.

Luebeck facility features

The Velocity Clinical Research, Luebeck facility is designed for the ease and comfort of study participants and to allow optimal efficiencies in performing clinical trials. Features at this site include:

• Private examination/consultation rooms
• Comfortable patient reception areas
• Facilities for extended-stay pharmacokinetic studies
• Parking
• Nursing station
• Secure monitoring rooms or workstations with phone & high-speed internet access
• Multiple individual & secure workstations for research staff
• Regulatory document processing area
• Electronic data capture (EDC) capabilities
• Secure record storage
• CLIA certified research laboratory or clinical laboratory with CLIA waiver
• Ambient and refrigerated centrifuge
• Secured & temperature controlled investigational product storage with pharmaceutical refrigerator & freezer
• Freezers equipped for laboratory specimens at -20 & -70 degrees Celsius
• Backup generator/power source in the event of site power loss
• Standard medical equipment, including ECG and Holter machines, digital and analog scales

clinical research site team
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