Bain Butcher, MD

Principal Investigator
Bain Butcher, MD specializes in family medicine. Dr. Butcher received a BS in Biology from Davidson College in Davidson, NC, and earned his MD at the University of Cincinnati in Cincinnati, OH. Dr. Butcher completed his residency at the University of Cincinnati in 1997. In addition to practicing medicine, Dr. Butcher is also a conceptual figurative artist who exhibits nationally and maintains a studio in Cincinnati, OH. He received his MFA in painting from the New York Academy of Art in 2006 where he studied with leading contemporary figurative painters. He has won numerous awards and his work has been included in multiple publications. In addition to his studio practice, Dr. Butcher is an Assistant Professor at the University of Cincinnati, and he teaches courses in contemporary figurative art at Bain Butcher Studio.

Bain Butcher, MD practices at