Lauri Befus, CCRP

Site Director
Lauri Befus, MS, CCRP joined Velocity in 2021 as a Site Director. Lauri has worked in clinical research for over 10 years as a Coordinator, Clinical Research Associate, Clinical Operations Manager, and Director of Clinical Operations. This allows Lauri to utilize her experience comprehensively as a Site Director. She provides an open-door policy for all staff members. Employees have regular one on ones scheduled, but they are also encouraged to stop by anytime with questions, suggestions, or concerns. Lauri encourages cross training, teamwork, and continuing education for all her employees and regularly recognizes those that go above and beyond for the team. On her days off, Lauri loves spending time with her husband, two dogs and two cats. She likes to work out and regularly participates in activities like boxing and ballroom dancing. She loves to travel to different parts of the world in search of adventure and good food.

Lauri Befus, CCRP practices at