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Velocity Clinical Research, North Hollywood

Velocity's North Hollywood research site was founded in 2004 as Providence Clinical Research by Dr. Teresa Sligh and Dr. Scott Sligh, and acquired by Velocity in 2019. The research center focuses on clinical trials for numerous indications, including Type II Diabetes, Anemia, Asthma/COPD, Arthritis of knee and hip, Cardiovascular disease, Chronic low back pain, Constipation, Genital herpes, Gout, Chronic Kidney Disease, Hepatitis B and C, Influenza, Irritable bowel syndrome, Kidney disease, Hypogonadism, Chronic Pain, dermatological disorders, Smoking, and Tinnitus. Our North Hollywood site is an experienced Phase 0 - IV investigative site as well as a special populations contract research organization. Our research facility is specially designed to accommodate all the needs of both inpatient and outpatient studies.

The North Hollywood site has extensive cross-cutting experience spanning all aspects of clinical research. This includes all the phases of preclinical process as well as pharmacoeconomic, pharmacogenomic, and proteomic phases. They have also been involved in pharmaceuticals, biologics, devices, and serologicals/IVD, as well as in both therapeutic and diagnostic indications. Through the thoughtful application of our experience to the conduct of each trial, the North Hollywood staff is able to provide excellence, quality and performance to our clients. Velocity North Hollywood also has a dedicated patient recruitment team with a great track record for enrolling a diverse patient population of approximately 70% people of color.

All trials conducted at the site are performed in accordance with ICH and FDA guidelines, and in compliance with GCP. The North Hollywood team is committed to being a resource for study participants, to providing the highest quality of patient care with compassion and kindness, and to advancing medicine through research.

Velocity Clinical Research, North Hollywood
6400 Laurel Canyon Blvd., Suite 300A, North Hollywood, CA 91606

Phone: (818) 487-3741


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Our Vision

Improve lives by making clinical research accessible to all.

Our Mission

Improve the clinical research process to accelerate the delivery of new therapies and provide exceptional care to our community.

Our experienced research team in North Hollywood

The Velocity North Hollywood team of physician investigators and clinical research professionals are experienced clinical researchers. All physicians are board certified in their specialty area(s) and all research staff is trained in clinical research regulations, including GCP and HIPAA. Training records and certifications are maintained. Our clinical team is dedicated to conducting quality research in a professional and caring environment and strives on collecting quality data.

  • Samuel Penziner, MD

    Principal Investigator
    Samuel Penziner, MD is a board-certified internist specializing in Infectious Diseases. After receiving his medical degree from New York University, Dr. Penziner completed his residency at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, and a fellowship in Infectious Diseases at UC San Diego.

North Hollywood facility features

The Velocity Clinical Research, North Hollywood facility is designed for the ease and comfort of study participants and to allow optimal efficiencies in performing clinical trials. Features at this site include:

  • Private examination/consultation rooms
  • Comfortable patient reception areas
  • Facilities for extended-stay pharmacokinetic studies
  • Parking
  • Nursing station
  • Secure monitoring rooms or workstations with phone & high-speed internet access
  • Multiple individual & secure workstations for research staff
  • Regulatory document processing area
  • Electronic data capture (EDC) capabilities
  • Secure record storage
  • CLIA certified research laboratory or clinical laboratory with CLIA waiver
  • Ambient and refrigerated centrifuge
  • Secured & temperature controlled investigational product storage with pharmaceutical refrigerator & freezer
  • Freezers equipped for laboratory specimens at -20 & -70 degrees Celsius
  • Backup generator/power source in the event of site power loss
  • Standard medical equipment, including ECG and Holter machines, digital and analog scales
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