Paul Evans, Nadege Gunn Featured in ACRP Trend Prediction Article

Paul Evans, President and CEO and Nadege Gunn, MD, CPI, Medical Director and Senior Scientific Advisor for Velocity are highlighted in a recent article by the ACRP, The Year Ahead in Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities for Clinical Trial Sites.

In the article, Dr. Gunn shares her hope for Sponsors and CROs “to fund a long-term presence for sites within diverse communities” that is “study-agnostic.” She believes this approach will improve workforce diversity at the site level and, consequently, increase participant diversity.

Evans predicts that the discourse around decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) will shift towards “realism,” which he views as currently “aspirational.” He adds, “We need to ask patients about their preferences so that we can increase protocol flexibility to reflect these. It has been assumed that patients do not want to go to brick-and-mortar sites. This is not the case. Many patients appreciate and benefit from the option of in-person meeting with specialists in their disease area. In addition to physical site visits, protocols should offer remote options for those who cannot or do not wish to come to the site.”

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