Velocity PAC Insights: Revamping Clinical Trial Experiences 

At Velocity Clinical Research, we prioritize the voices of clinical trial participants, largely via the Participant Advisory Committee (PAC). Our PAC, which brings together a diverse group of past and current trial participants from across the U.S., offers a unique lens into the clinical research process. In this edition, we’ll unpack key insights gleaned from … Read more

Velocity Launches Innovative CARE Council Model, Debuts With Focus On Diabetes and Obesity Clinical Trials

Velocity Clinical Research, the leading integrated site organization for clinical trials, has launched a groundbreaking initiative: Councils to Accelerate Research Excellence (CARE Councils). The CARE Councils underpin Velocity’s dedication to supporting specialty research while providing comprehensive and strategically aligned solutions for Sponsors and CROs. The expert-led CARE Councils bring together seasoned physicians in their areas … Read more

PI Focus: Building Relationships Through Clinical Trials in the United Kingdom

For the team at Velocity Clinical Research in the United Kingdom, clinical trials are first and foremost about building relationships.  “I’m really grateful to be involved in clinical trials, because it allows me to develop meaningful connections with people in a way that goes beyond the traditional and [usually] more formal doctor-patient relationship,” says Ahmed … Read more

Velocity Investigators Active at the American Diabetes Association (ADA) 83rd Scientific Sessions

Julio Rosenstock, MD, and Juan Frias, MD, were featured prominently throughout the American Diabetes Association (ADA) 83rd Scientific Sessions. The prolific researchers also had findings simultaneously published in the New England Journal of Medicine and The Lancet. Dr. Rosenstock is the lead investigator for Novo Nordisk’s ONWARDS 1 program exploring the first investigational once-weekly insulin. … Read more

PI Focus: Velocity PI Leads Breakthrough Efforts to Combat Obesity, Diabetes

The Velocity Clinical Research team in Los Angeles, CA, is tackling two of the biggest health threats to Americans today: obesity and diabetes. Better still, they’re making tremendous progress against these conditions that exact a terrible toll on quality of life and longevity. Consider these sobering statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Protection … Read more

Velocity PAC Insights: Communicating With Participants, Cutting No-Shows, and Improving Informed Consent

Velocity Clinical Research maintains a Participant Advisory Committee (PAC) — a diverse mix of current and past trial participants across the U.S. The PAC’s job? Providing participant input to fine-tune the clinical research process. In this piece, we dig into highlights from PAC’s recent meetings in March, April, and May 2023. We’ll cover three key … Read more

PI Focus: Luis De La Cruz, MD on Sleep Apnea

Luis De La Cruz, MD

In this ongoing series, Velocity puts the spotlight on innovative Principal Investigators (PIs) whose work is changing the medical landscape at the intersection of research and patient care.  Velocity Team Contributes to Potential Breakthrough Sleep Apnea Treatment Enjoying a good night’s sleep is vitally important both mentally and physically. Unfortunately, for many it’s a struggle … Read more

Four Takeaways From Velocity’s Clinical Trial Participant Advisory Committee

To gain deeper insight into the perspectives of clinical trial participants, Velocity has built the Participant Advisory Committee (PAC). The PAC comprises diverse current and past clinical trial participants from across the country. The Velocity PAC convenes regularly to discuss issues and share ideas that could improve the clinical research process now and for future … Read more