Video: Environmental Governance

As Nicholas Campbell explains, good business can also be good for the environment. As Velocity improves lives by accelerating the development of new therapies, we can also build a healthier tomorrow by conducting trials in a sustainable way. How can Velocity deliver more efficient trials? Enhanced site enrollment forecasting to minimize overages, alongside reduced investigational product distribution … Read more

Video: Demand and Delivery

Watch Christy Godwin and Laura Falcone discuss Velocity’s unique ‘Demand and Delivery’ approach. Christy and Laura work in unison to ensure full alignment among what Sponsors and CROs demand, and the quality, performance, and patient experiences Velocity delivers. In this video, they delve into: The importance of understanding goals and translating them into actionable strategies … Read more

Video: Scale for a Purpose

A staggering 80% of clinical trials are delayed or shut down due to enrollment challenges, with half of those delays occurring at the site level. Two-thirds of principal investigators leave research after conducting a single trial. It’s time for a change. Watch Paul Evans, Nick Campbell, Nick Spittal, and Craig Koch discuss Velocity’s unique model, … Read more

Velocity Eczema Trials Enhance Patient Quality of Life

Shiva Muthiah, Director of UK Operations for Velocity, smiles as she recalls the triumph of a teenage patient battling a painful eczema skin condition. “He used to wear long sleeves and other clothing designed to hide the marks on his skin, but almost immediately after beginning treatment in our clinical trial, the improvement was dramatic … Read more

Velocity PAC Insights: Revamping Clinical Trial Experiences 

At Velocity Clinical Research, we prioritize the voices of clinical trial participants, largely via the Participant Advisory Committee (PAC). Our PAC, which brings together a diverse group of past and current trial participants from across the U.S., offers a unique lens into the clinical research process. In this edition, we’ll unpack key insights gleaned from … Read more

Velocity Launches Innovative CARE Council Model, Debuts With Focus On Diabetes and Obesity Clinical Trials

Velocity Clinical Research, the leading integrated site organization for clinical trials, has launched a groundbreaking initiative: Councils to Accelerate Research Excellence (CARE Councils). The CARE Councils underpin Velocity’s dedication to supporting specialty research while providing comprehensive and strategically aligned solutions for Sponsors and CROs. The expert-led CARE Councils bring together seasoned physicians in their areas … Read more

PI Focus: Building Relationships Through Clinical Trials in the United Kingdom

For the team at Velocity Clinical Research in the United Kingdom, clinical trials are first and foremost about building relationships.  “I’m really grateful to be involved in clinical trials, because it allows me to develop meaningful connections with people in a way that goes beyond the traditional and [usually] more formal doctor-patient relationship,” says Ahmed … Read more