Podcast: Celebrating Excellence in Patient Centricity (With Sanofi and SCRS)

“[Patient centricity] is about taking those patient insights and their voice and translating them into actions. And that was really the impetus for what we saw in Velocity’s submission.” – Pat Roselle, Global Head of Patient Stakeholder Engagement at Sanofi.

Thank you to Pat and Jimmy Bechtel for joining Nick Spittal to discuss the initiatives that earned Velocity the 2023 Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS) Excellence in Patient Centricity Award. Highlights include:

  • Our 50-member Participant Advisory Committee, which yields candid, actionable feedback.
  • AI-powered technology (VISION Recruit) and a patient mobile app (VISION Engage) revolutionizing engagement.
  • Publishing insights from 9,000+ patient surveys that inform our strategies.
  • A BIPOC review committee ensuring inclusivity in public-facing outreach materials.
  • Live interpretation services in 300+ languages, including our first American Sign Language participant.

We value patient-focused collaboration with partners like Sanofi. Together, we can engage more diverse communities, advocate for clinical research beyond specific trials, and improve the patient experience.

Listen to the podcast: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1008688/14466936-beyond-buzzwords-celebrating-excellence-in-patient-centricity

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