How Does Site Location Impact Patient Diversity in Clinical Trials?

Velocity recently asked some key employees to come together and discuss a wide array of issues impacting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in clinical trials. Velocity’s ongoing goals are to share best practices, identify and address shortcomings, and bring as many perspectives and viewpoints to the table as possible to advance clinical trial science and … Read more

Exploring the Power of Scale in Patient Recruitment: A Recap of the Velocity and HealthMatch Presentation at SCOPE

Last month, Nick Spittal, Velocity’s chief operating officer announced the company’s latest partnership with HealthMatch and results from an unprecedented patient recruitment pilot at the SCOPE conference in Orland, Florida. He was joined by HealthMatch CEO, Manuri Gunawardena, on stage for a joint presentation, as Clinical Trials Report journalist Michael Causey reports: Velocity announced its … Read more

Velocity Eczema Trials Enhance Patient Quality of Life

Shiva Muthiah, Director of UK Operations for Velocity, smiles as she recalls the triumph of a teenage patient battling a painful eczema skin condition. “He used to wear long sleeves and other clothing designed to hide the marks on his skin, but almost immediately after beginning treatment in our clinical trial, the improvement was dramatic … Read more

Case Study: Doubling the Average Participation Rate of Diverse Populations in Cognivue’s FOCUS Study

Neuroscience company Cognivue enrolled more than double the national average participation rate of diverse populations in its Further the Objective and Clinical Understanding of Cognivue Study (FOCUS) study. Velocity supported the study by enrolling the entirety of the study’s more than 1,500 subjects across 14 sites and 11 states. While typical studies of this size … Read more