Video: Environmental Governance

As Nicholas Campbell explains, good business can also be good for the environment. As Velocity improves lives by accelerating the development of new therapies, we can also build a healthier tomorrow by conducting trials in a sustainable way.

How can Velocity deliver more efficient trials?

  • Enhanced site enrollment forecasting to minimize overages, alongside reduced investigational product distribution and storage needs.
  • Fully integrated Velocity sites streamline study startup processes, reducing administrative tasks and facilitating on-site lab processing.
  • Fewer lab kits and consumables needed, leading to overall material conservation.
  • A reduction in initiation visits, monitoring, and other activities with associated travel.
  • VISION: Tech-enabled profiling to minimize in-person screening failures and digitized processes for patient interaction and payments.
  • Commitment to environmental sustainability evident in renewable energy sourcing, efficient equipment use, comprehensive carbon footprint assessments, and employee engagement in green practices.

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