Laura Crenshaw, BS

Site Operations Manager
Laura Crenshaw earned her BA in Mass Communication and Journalism, with a Minor in Marketing from Boise State University. Needing a full-time job in the mass economic recession of 2008 she agreed to come work as a patient recruiter for clinical research, knowing nothing of the industry, but eager and willing to use her “gift of gab” to help market Advanced Clinical Research in the community. Not knowing the full career path and opportunities that lie ahead she spent 5 years recruiting patients into hundreds of vaccine and chronic studies, then moved into adhering to FDA regulations for the site as a Regulatory Specialist for another 5 years. With her in-depth knowledge of the industry and having worked 10 years for the company she advanced to Business Development to help continue building connections with sponsors and CRO’s to bring new therapeutic areas to the site. After successfully navigating these areas of research she became the Site Operations Manager in April 2021 under Velocity Clinical Research. Laura loves helping problem solve and tackle day-to-day operations to help drive Velocity’s success.

Laura Crenshaw, BS practices at