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To bring equitable products to market, clinical trials need proportionate representation. Reaching the right patients must be prioritized at the site level, where clinical research is most visible in communities. Therefore, Velocity is heavily invested in leveraging the power of local influence to drive change. Our focus is on managing what we can effectively control at the site level to foster a more inclusive and representative clinical trial landscape.

Community engagement and inclusivity programs at Velocity

  • Making Sites Accessible: Establishing sites in demographically diverse, easily accessible locations.
  • Ensuring Employee Diversity: About half of Velocity’s workforce identifies as non-white.
  • Making Sites Representative: Tools to analyze local demographics (census data) and ensure proportionate participant and employee representation.
  • Removing Language Barriers: Employing bilingual staff, utilizing real-time translation, and offering materials tailored for minority groups.
  • Engaging Communities: Establishing partnerships with local groups, appointing community liaisons, and initiating charitable programs.
  • Intensive Data Capture: Capturing full race and ethnicity data for all database patients.
  • Providing ongoing training to promote an inclusive culture, minimize bias, and maintain a safe, unbiased environment for patients and staff.
  • Focusing on Patients: 2023 SCRS Patient Centricity Award Winner for innovative programs.

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